Mole removal

What are moles?

‘Moles’ are abnormal growth of epidermis in the skin, while most of them are benign, a few of them can have cancer. There are different reasons why people request to have moles removed.

Some request to have moles removed because of appearance, some request to have them removed because it rubs against their clothing causing pain. Moles can also become infected.

At Alliance MD, we have extensive training in mole repair, Dr Tolu is board certified in Family Medicine. The procedure involves numbing up the skin, then the mole is removed using an elliptical incision, then closed using interrupted sutures. The lesion is then sent for pathology tests.

At Alliance MD, we take care of other skin lesions like warts, sebaceous cysts, lipomas, ingrown toenail, and laceration repair.

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Dr. Tolu Abikoye, M.D., M.P.H.
Dr. Tolu Abikoye, M.D., M.P.H.
Direct Primary Care is not a new way of medicine. It is a membership based model of healthcare where members pay a fixed, monthly fee to receive unrestricted access to their Primary Care Doctor. Not what your used to? It is actually better, like your gym membership, or Netflix, for a low monthly fee you get unlimited appointments and easy quick access whenever you need.

Dr. Tolu Abikoye, M.D., M.P.H.


Alliance MD

About Alliance MD

Alliance MD is a direct primary care (DPC) clinic serving Orlando, Maitland, Winter Park, and the surrounding area. It is a private practice owned and operated by Dr. Tolu Abikoye, a board-certified family medicine physician (MD) with more than 14 years of experience.

What's Direct Primary Care?

Put simply, DPC is membership-based medical care. For a low fixed monthly fee, patients get unlimited access to their primary care doctor. There are so many advantages that stem from this model that many patients prefer DPC even when they have medical insurance.

Does Alliance MD Accept Health Insurance?

We neither accept nor require medical insurance. Our direct pay model has many advantages that improve quality of care, and help patients save money on co-pays and coinsurance.

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