Frequently Asked Questions

Many patients prefer having access to a direct primary care doctor even when they have insurance, because of the following reasons

  • You have easy access to your same doctor after hours through email, text messaging
  • Your doctor always has a comprehensive knowledge of your medical history and examination findings, this allows your doctor to make the right decision for your health every time you call or text
  • You can schedule long appointments if needed
  • Subscription services to direct primary care is sometimes cheaper than annual cost of copays of regular insurance
  • Discounted labs
  • Discounted prescriptions

Alliance MD offers a direct primary care model, here you receive comprehensive primary care services in the office. This is paid for by a monthly subscription fee, the fee covers all office visits and there are no co-pays. The fee could be paid by you or by your employer as part of a competitive employee health benefit.

  • Adults 30 and above: $99
  • Young adults 18-29: $79
  • Children 0-17: $49
  • Family (2 adults and a child): $ 237
  • One-time registration fee: $99
  • Annual physical/Single visit: $150 For non-members, for members it’s free

Yes, we strive to provide some availability after hours, however we are unable to guarantee that we will always be available after hours. In such instances when we are unavailable, you may need to visit the urgent care or the ED

Subscriptions can be cancelled anytime with a phone call, no questions asked. A prorated bill will be provided for the final month of subscription.

We offer blood draws and other lab services for most common lab tests; a huge benefit is the deeply discounted rate. Our patients tell us that the savings on labs are sometimes worth more than the monthly membership fee.

We offer deeply discounted prescriptions dispensed directly from our in-house pharmacy. Our patients tell us that the savings on prescriptions are sometimes worth more than the monthly membership fee. Another benefit is that you do not have to worry how much your co-pay is going to be at the pharmacy, all our prices are upfront and transparent.

Alliance MD has negotiated discounted pricing on imaging with nearby radiology services. One of our radiology services is within the same building as our clinic, so you can have the imaging done before you leave. Another radiology service has several locations around Orlando, Winter Park and Maitland. Thus, allowing you to schedule one closest to you. If you have insurance, you could decide to pay for radiology using your insurance.

Yes, whenever you may need to see a specialist, Dr Tolu will contact a specialist on your behalf and work with them to coordinate your care. We are sometimes able to negotiate discounted self-pay rates with specialists. You could also use your medical insurance to pay for the specialist visit

Monday : 7 am–4 pm
Tuesday : 10 am–7 pm
Wednesday : 10 am–4 pm
Thursday : 9 am–5 pm
Friday : 10 am–7 pm

We offer staggered hours to ensure you are able to schedule an appointment when its most convenient

We don’t take medical insurance.

At Alliance MD, we believe that the doctor-patient relationship is sacred and nothing should come in between it, so we don’t take medical insurance to ensure that the patient and doctor are the only people making decisions about the patient’s health care. We provide long duration of appointments and we do not rush our visits because the time spent with the patient is not dictated by medical insurance requirements. In addition, Dr. Tolu does not spend time on insurance coding and insurance paperwork allowing him to spend more time with you.

Alliance MD can be of enormous benefit to your workforce, by ensuring employees are provided with world class primary care access, you can be sure your employees are inspired to live healthier.

Alliance MD can assist you to provide a supplemental health care for your part time or full-time employees who already have insurance.

Alliance MD can be combined with a health care sharing plan for those who do not have health insurance.

Health care delivery is complex, it takes experience and knowledge to navigate your employees through the network of primary care, specialists, labs, radiology, hospitalization, surgery. Dr. Tolu is a board-certified family medicine physician with over 14 years of medical experience. This is in contrast to some ‘primary care providers’ (Physician Assistant and Nurse Practitioners who may only have 3 months of direct medical care before they are allowed to take care of your employees.

High deductible health care plans usually come with co-pays for visits and prescriptions. Alliance MD offers an advance medical payment model with affordable monthly fees with no co-pays and discounted prescriptions.

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