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    Is losing weight and toning
    muscle a constant battle?

    At Alliance MD Orlando we have a painless, non surgical solution EmSculpt Neo!

    Emsculpt Neo treats the following areas.

    Emsculpt Neo Orlando for Men

    Do you have a difficulty with golf swing, do you have a weak core and is the belly getting in the way of your swing?

    Are you having a harder time with tennis, golf, basketball?

    Well you are not alone, thousands of men have noticed weakness in these muscles as they get older. This is due to weakness in the abdominal muscle known as rectus Abdomininis

    Well, the good news is that you can have this addressed asap. With our proprietary treatment for abdominal wall fat. Our treatment includes counseling, hormonal review and the Emsculpt Neo. With Emsculpt Neo, you get two treatments at once, you get RF and HIFEM, this two treatments help to non surgically reduce the belly fat and tone the muscles!
    You may ask, how does this work?, the RF waves helps to break down fat, the HIFEM provides muscle contractions

    There is no prep, downtime, recovery, you don’t have to undergo anesthesia. At the end of your 30 minute procedure, you are able to return to work, golf, biking in no time Join the 1 million people who have gotten their treatment. Please click on this link to schedule an appointment.


    Emsculpt Neo Orlando for Women

    Have you noticed that your buttocks are not as firm as they once were, are you starting to notice increase in your belly wall fat. Do you find it harder to fit into your jeans, are you planning to attend a wedding soon, would like to fit into that dress

    Well, at Alliance MD, we provide proprietary treatment for sagging buttocks and excess fat in the belly. This includes, counseling, meal review and the Emsculpt Neo. With the EMsculpt Neo you get two treatments using one device, a win for busy mothers who want the mommy makeover but do not have time.

    With the treatment, you get more treatment for less. Unlike cool sculpting, the Emsculpt Neo targets the muscles

    Emsculpt Neo is not a superficial fix, it is a permanent fix which improves muscle tone and removes fat from unwanted areas.

    You deserve to look and feel better! Please click on this link to schedule an appointment 


    EmSculpt NEO Orlando - Burn Fat Lose Weight

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